For HR, Training is not what is ultimately important, performance is. We run both in-house and open house courses. Reach out to us for course synopsis.


At CDM Ghana Limited, we understand the importance of Training. We believe that well trained employees are very crucial to the survival of your organisation. We however appreciate the fact that organisations are constantly faced with financial challenges- balancing between budget friendly decisions and motivating your employees through effective training (Costly). That is why at CDM Ghana Limited we offer cutting edge value for money Training and Development services, designed to address your peculiar needs and cater to your deficiencies.

At CDM Ghana Limited, we assist organizations develop their human resource by placing value on Training and Development. This includes laying out the organizations human resource needs, recruitment, selection, training and development among others.
Our training programs are tailored to suit your organization’s needs and allow your teams to continually build strong leadership skills, increase management skills and improve on their ability to collaborate and communicate more effectively.


Our courses begin with a needs assessment, by which we try to uncover the mostcomplex needs and try to identify the crucial business skill that is holding a particular business back. (Contact us for a free Training Needs Assessment for your organisation) We run In-House and Open-House training courses. Our open house courses address everyday business issues like Good Customer Service Skills, Teamwork Skills, Time Management Skills, Corporate Cultural issues, among others. We also organise corporate events like workshops, conferences, Business Summits and many more (Check our events Calendar for more information).

We Specialize in: 

Inductions Training and Employee Handbook Design

Occupational Health and Safety Courses

Security and Man Guarding Courses